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Have good domain knowledge in Healthcare insurance

Connections with direct source in “Green Technology”(Wind Turbine, Solar, Bio Energy), “Textile”, “Manufacturing”, “Food, Wines, and Liquor”, “Toys”, Joint Venture, and government officials have made me very successful in my career. Consulting with companies entering “Emerging Asia Markets” with marketing analysis, private and government assistance, along with R&D and RMI placed on each one of our projects gave my clients confidence of my prior and current projects in Asia. Several projectsI am eager for challenge. Succeed with the company is my ambition.Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas I am experienced in team management and encouragement, also in project plan, requirement analysis and system design. I advocate team work, and have been proved Wedding Favor Ideas as good team worker, for more, I have ever performed as a team maker and leader successfully in the past. The experience in international companies for couple of years makes me stilled in communicating and cooperating with oversea colleagues.Have good domain knowledge in Healthcare insurance (claim/membership/benefit and etc) and banking domain, have good experience in software testing. Have experience on leading a team with more than 10 people for more than 3 years. Also have one year team management working experience in India. Be familiar with the SDLC and ITIL process.With 12 years' Wedding Favor Ideas IT work experience and about 6 years'Delicate Wedding Favors IT management role. With the experience in several ERP projects based on the systems such as SAP, Movex and so on. Have led IT team http://kenh247.comwith more than 35 members. 1)experience of working as APAC Sourcing Director (responsible sourcing, SQE, purchasing and NPI); manage > 40 staff who are locating in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hongkong and Korea; respnsible for sourcing of annual spending >120Mil $ 2) 15 years working experience of increasing responsibility in the field of sourcing, purchasing, supplier quality and planning 3) experience of set up AP Sourcing&Supplier Quality Center successfully 4) 15 years in manufacturer environment and experience in internation

Always individual coordinate the activities across multiple

Act towards people sincere,The study score is excellent,have diligent spirit and cooperate spirit.Everything once I want to do,I will do it form first to the end, and then I will try my best to do it better.Proficient in Microsoft office, Sageline 50, Lotus Notes
Good knowledge of SAP, HyperionHave 6 years working experience in MNC, Swire Coca-cola(2 years) & Wrigley Confectionary China Ltd(4 years); Good communicators with strong interpersonal skills and teamwork spirit. Team player with ability to work to tight timetables and under pressure in changing environment; Fluent in English reading & writing; Familiar with Microsoft officeHow to Choose Wedding Flowers . Master SAP system.One year's experience as overseas samlesman, good learner.I'm a positive and active girl I'm eager to challenge highly difficult and related with english job.No mater how difficult the project,I will take my biggest effort to make it as I have a bookish heart .In my childhood,my dream is to go abroad to show myself.So wish seek for my talent scout. I am a hardworking and responsible person ,I am devoted to my work.I don't like ti leave things half-done ,and i'm easygoing ,I like to communicate with different foreigners,keeping a good relationship with them . include Connector/PCB/CABLE/Fan/keypad As a Quality supervisor who was in charge of operating with influence across a large matrix organization. Always individual coordinate the activities across multiple
function teams such as. Program manager, logistical manager, Design Manager, CSE Manager, EHS Manager, Component Have about four years testing work experience, and about one year developing work experience.
Strong knowledge of test theory, test technology and test process.
Develop automated testing using Java/Ant, Wedding Favor IdeasRuby/Waitor.
Familiar with test tools, Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas such as LoadRunner, e-Test, TestDirector
Familiar with Oracle and SQL Server database, and SQL statement
Strong analytical ability and problem solving skills. And good team work spirit.
Strong responsibility for work and full of enthusiasm Wedding Venues

Solid project management experience

Soft Skills
Presentation, Negotiation, Time management, Coordination, Fast-learning, Risk controlling, Conduct Training, Leadership, Interpersonal relationship management, Customer Relationship Management.Tech. SkillsApplications - MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio, MicrostrategyOS - WinNT; Linux, OS/10 on Mac
Web Server - IIS; Apache; Tomcat; WeblogicDatabase - SQL Server; MySQL; SQL LanguageInterface - HTML; XML; Flash; JavaScript; VBScript; Action Script; CSS
Programming Language - ASP; PHP; JSP; Java Servlet; OOP; JavaBean; JDBC; ODBCTools - Jbuilder; WebSphere Studio; Interdev; New Ideas on Wedding Favors Dreamweaver; Flash; Firework10+ years working experience with 7+ years in Accounting field in JV & WOFE;Accountant license; handling a whole set of accounting issues as general tax payer and small-scaled tax payer, financial reports, tax return etc;Payroll and benefits processingAnnual Cooperative Inspection and year end tax issues;
Fluent oral & written English, TEM-8;Familiar with Kingdee accounting software, Windows XP, word, excel, etc1. 7+ year business and financial planning & analysis experience with good analysis skill and process optimization mind
2. Excellent problem-solving ability and management quality
3. Solid project management experience
4. Detail-oriented business mind, structured & logical way of thinking, sensitive with data
5. High level of enthusiasm, motivation, responsibility and excellent communication skills with cross-functional sections globallyHi, My name is Eva Hu. I am a recent graduate from University of California, Irvine. I can speak 4 different languages, Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and a little bit of Japanese. Through my courses in school, I have acquired many knowledge on business management and development. I am very familiar with all the Microsoft applications, such as, Microsoft word, Powerpoint, Excel, more. Moreover, at the very end of stay at UCIrvine, I have successfully launched a Taiwanese Film Festival with myComputer Software: Familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel,Some Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and installation of computer peripherals. Machines: Familiar with the operation of scanners, copiers, New Ideas On Wedding Favors laser and inkjet printers, and fax machines.
Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and familiar with Japanese. Delicate Wedding favors

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Be familliar with the export

good team player and team worker, good trainer for subordinates. well rounded knowledge of textile industry from manufacturing to marketing, good communicator with buyer/companies 5 years experience in multi-chi hair straightenernational companies, and can work as reporting, analysis, budget & rolling forecast and process designchi flat iron; With SAP (FI/CO) project experience and can communicate in English fluently; Major in Mechanical & Electrical manufacturing,10+years working experience.Be familliar with the export,marketing and
international logistics local operation,good perfermence in marketing sales. Experience in Quality management, Production Management, Project Management, People Management, Supplier material quality & supply chain management, Global End-to-End quality support for product sustainability & improvement | Accountability, drive rigor, good teamwork, knowledge on mechanical-electronics, 6-Sigma,cheap wedding gowns systematic & proactive problem solving, decision making, cooperative hair straighteners& supportive,cheap prom dresses self-motivated, reasonable aggressive, fluent in verbal & written English


proprietor view point

19 years in manufacturing industry, more than 16 years successful management experiences in famous American, Japanese, Local MNC, and State-owned Corporation; closed understanding “proprietor view point”cheap wedding dresses, “financial practices”, “engineering languages” and “production voices”.beach wedding dresses
Full experience KPI & CIP in MNC headquarters and in JV .casual wedding dresses
Good at coaching different culture background and each level people, continuously improvement their management skills and achievements in Chinese way I am straight forward, open mind, honest and proactive. And they help me to handle difficult situation freely. Furthermore, these kind of experience help me to build up my knowledge base and face coming challenges with more confidence
.Interpersonal communication skill -cheap evening dresses
.MF (OS390,CICS,DB2,VSAM,COBOL,JCL) system skill
. Rich bank business experiencewedding dresses
.PMI and IBM Certificated Project Manager

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entry unleashed the offense buthis world is not merely a bad joke
t demanded better defense, and he let the youngsters play.Phoenix won 46 games but didn’t make the playoffs. Still, Gentry’s impressive performance merited the removal of the “interim” tag.w, Kerr said, he and Gentry have “a perfect relationship.”
entry said Kerr didn’t deserve all the early criticism.“I’ve always thought he had a huge, huge basketball IQ,” the coach said. “Everybody pre-judged everything that we did here before they gave it a chance to work out … I’m happy that we’ve been successful because he’s a great guy.”The Suns’ trade of Boris Diaw(notes) and Raja Bell(notes) to Charlotte for Jason Richardson(notes) and Jared Dudley(notes) has turned out to be a great deal, even though it backfired for a time when Amare Stoudemire went down with a season-ending eye injury just after last season’s All-Star break.err said the Suns couldn’t afford the $9 million Diaw made as a reserve playing 18 minutes a game, and he liked the energy Dudley could bring off the bench. Richardson gave the team a much-needed third scorer beside Steve Nash(notes) and Stoudemire.
Then there was the drafting of center Robin Lopez(notes) and guard Goran Dragic(notes) last year. As rookies, both seemed lost at times and were quickly written off as busts.“That’s the society we live in these days,” Kerr said. “Everybody wants a quick fix, but you look at it realistically. There’s Goran, a young kid from Slovenia, should he really do that well right away? Robin last year should have been a junior at Stanford. How are kids like that supposed to come in and succeed right away? They’re not, it takes time.”Richardson has had some huge games in the playoffs and Dudley has been the leader of the energetic second unit. Lopez became a starter in January and gave the team an insidewhere? when? who? defensive presence until he went down with a back injury.The foundation for the season came when Nash and Grant Hill(notes) were re-signed, but Kerr’s biggest move may have been the one he didn’t make.After listening to offers for Stoudemire at the trade deadline, Kerr, Sarver and Gentry decided to keep him. Stoudemire, who can opt out of histruth of the life
contract after this season, went on to average 26.6 points after the All-Star break.
Kerr’s three-year contract runs out in June and Sarver said he “absolutely” wants him back. The two will talk about that when the code and softwareseason is over.
“It’s unbelievably fulfilling,” Kerr said of the job now. “You can’t replicate the feeling we had after Game 4 and Game 3 in Sanwhere is my dream???
Antonio, watching Goran Dragic have 23 in the fourth and come in and get mobbed by his teammates, watching Amare mature over the course of the year into a leader and a different person, watching Steve and his emotion after sweeping the Spurs, watching Alvin blossom as a coach, watching all these guys come together as one.“You can’t get that anywhere else. I can’t get that anywhere else.”

GM Kerr goes from idiot to genius in Phoenix

PHOENIX (AP)—Not long ago,vaguely familiar to you Steve Kerr would spend sleepless nights recalling how great that NBA analyst job was at TNT.
Phoenix Suns fans vilified him as a general manager without a clue, a man who had ruined the franchise.
“There were many nights where Work will save youI thought ‘Man, I should have just sat there with a microphone in my hand,”’ he said. “`It was a much better life.”’Not that Kerr blamed the fans.“I deserved the criticism,” he said. “You kind of have to know what you’re getting into in this business, and I didn’t do a very fill in the blanksgood job last year.”ast-forward to Wednesday as Kerr watched the Suns practice in preparation for the Western Conference finals against the reigning NBA championtouches your heart Los Angeles Lakers.“This is exactly what I envisioned,” he said. “We just took a strange route to get here.”Kerr had no front office experience when Suns ownerWhatever happens,happens for a reason Robert Sarver named him general manager in June 2007. He had spent the previous four years as color commentator for NBA games on TNT. But he did have 15 years in the NBA, five with championship teams, after a standout career at the University of Arizona.He became unpopular in a hurry when he traded Kurt Thomas(notes) to Seattle in a deal to dump salary.
“The first trade I made was to give up two first-round picks and our best interior defender for nothing,” Kerr said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I had people say `Well, why would you do that. That’s not a very good trade.’ I’m sitting there going `Do you think I wanted to do that?”’The team’s payroll, he said, “had gotten out of hand and we made a couple of bad decisions and I had to clean that up. That’s no fun.”hen-coach Mike D’Antoni had doubled as general manager before Kerr was hired, and theirs was a sometimes uneasy relationship. The high-octane team that D’Antoni had coached with such success was running on empty and the result was the stunning midseason trade that brought Shaquille O’Neal(notes) from Miami.San Antonio beat Shaq and the Suns in five games in the first round of the playoffs.
“We swung for the fences,” Kerr said. “We knew what we had was not good enough, and we took a big swing and missed. It wasn’t because Shaq didn’t play well. It’s just that it didn’t work.”hen came the not-so-ammicable split with D’Antoni. Kerr wanted the coach to devote some practice time to defense and to use more young players off the bench.D’Antoni said no and departed for the New York Knicks, leaving the general manager to replace the likable, dynamic coach. The choice was solemn Terry Porter, not Alvin Gentry, who stayed on as an assistant.
“Alvin and I talked and I felt at the time that we needed a different voice, an outside voice, because we were trying to make a cultural shift to become better defensively, and I was wrong,” Kerr said. “I should have hired him from the beginning.”It didn’t take long for Kerr to figure out that Porter was a bad fit. The coach was fired in 2009 at the All-Star break, with Gentry getting the job on an interim basis.